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1. Login

Browse to http://<path to your installation> and from that page login with the Admin user and password from step 6 under 2.2 Database Setup above.


On the next page, you should be able to just click Login.
welcome credentials.gif

You will then arrive at the “Welcome Admin” screen, from there click on the Membership Administration link.
welcome admin.gif

From that page, you should click on the Create User link.
membership admin.gif

From that page, enter the user name, password (one has been automatically created for you that you can use, note: there are rules enforced around the security of the password), and email address, then click the Create User button.

You should receive a page that has a confirmation message that the user has been created. Then click the Membership Administration link again.
user-pass confirmed.gif

Select the Manage Users link. From that page, you can search for the users, so search on the name you created (note: you can use the % character as a wildcard), then click on that user name to administer it.
user management.gif

Make sure the Database Administrator and Database Owner roles are checked (note, as you check the roles they will be auto-saved)
user management - roles.gif

2. Access administration

Browse to http://<path to your installation> and login with the user created in step 1 above. Once you arrive at the Home page, you can click on the Administration tab, and then the Manage Databases link. You are ready to start using the SQL Server Web Tools application!

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